The Pharmacist Moms™ Group established the Pharmacist Moms Coalition for Change in Pharmacy

Pharmacist Moms™ Inc is a provisional nonprofit organization

Pharmacist Moms™

Will focus on making real change for women in pharmacy and pharmacists across the United States.

We need your help to accomplish our goals. Please consider making a small contribution below to help your fellow pharmacist women.

    Our Focus

  • Changing Women's Working Conditions
  • Helping to promote provider status for Pharmacists
  • Increasing Support for Women Pharmacist Day
  • Raising the role of a pharmacist to be seen by the public as a primary care provider

What We Are Doing

In 2019, we sent letters to all major retail pharmacy CEOs demanding that they

  • Give nursing women adequate facilities for breast pumping
  • Provide a stool for all pregnant women working in a pharmacy that is accessible
  • Provide better opportunities for professional development

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