The Art of Balancing it All

Women in pharmacy can truly do it all. As a woman in pharmacy, I am so proud of our profession. This is a community where daily, women are excelling in both their professional and personal lives. I am in awe watching my peers, the incredible women in pharmacy, balance every demand they encounter with such grace and humility.

As a clinical pharmacist for a digital healthcare company, I can tell you firsthand the beauty of this profession is the people within it and the connections you will make. I have met so many fellow women in pharmacy that are moving our profession forward while simultaneously not missing a beat in their personal lives – they are truly doing it all. From clinical pharmacists who train and qualify for the Boston Marathon to retail pharmacists that have been teaching their children virtual school for months. From MTM pharmacists with a passion for nutrition providing support to those in need to industry pharmacists changing the scope of how medication information is delivered. Going above and beyond is embedded into us. It is who we are as leaders in this profession.

As a pharmacist, mom, and runner myself, I have created an online run community to support others in their health journey. I started our run community, “InstaRunClub”, to motivate and inspire fellow runners and it has turned into more than I ever could have dreamed of. I continue to push myself both personally and professionally because I see so many incredible women in our profession doing the same. I see my peers continuing to strive to be their best for themselves, their profession, their families, and their communities and I know I could not be more proud to be in their company. So, here’s to you women in pharmacy. May we celebrate you on October 12th as you deserve that and so much more.

Written by:

Michelle Barney, PharmD
Vice-President of Clinical Operations at VUCA Health