#WomenPharmacistDay Toolkit

The first #WomenPharmacistDay (WPD) will be observed on October 12, 2018. October was chosen for this special recognition because it also serves as National Pharmacist Month. The 12th day of the month was selected in honor of the legendary first female pharmacist in the United States, Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf, who had 12 children and is an inspiring role model for thousands of women who dream of becoming a pharmacist.

While women made up only 8% of all U.S. pharmacists as recently as the 1960s, women currently comprise 55% of the pharmacist workforce, and that number is expected to continue to rise.1 Approximately 61% of the 14,000 PharmDs earned in the United States in 2016 were earned by women.

Women are especially well positioned to serve as trusted healthcare resources – particularly for fellow women, who statistics show make an average of 80% of the healthcare purchasing decisions for their families – and often serve as caregiver for their children, as well as aging parents.

This toolkit contains quick and easy ways for pharmacy students, practicing pharmacists, pharmacy schools and faculty, pharmacy associations and pharmacy owners to support #WomenPharmacistDay by:

  • Raising awareness of the significant progress women pharmacists have made in making pharmacy the most female-dominated profession in healthcare.
  • Celebrating the important role that women pharmacists play in advancing and delivering quality care to patients in a variety of settings.
  • Encouraging leaders in all fields of pharmacy to create meaningful mentoring relationships with female pharmacy students and female practicing pharmacists, to help continue to increase the number of females in pharmacy leadership roles, across the profession.