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Experts: Current Treatment Regimens and the Future for Plaque Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis

In addition to current treatment regimens, 2 experts discuss how available options can vary between adult and pediatric patients.

American Heart Month: Promoting CPR Training and Heart Health Awareness in Communities

Pharmacists could raise awareness of heart health and CPR through community outreach programs

Experts: The Impact of Plaque Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis on Patients’ Quality of Life

In addition to highlighting the difficulties patients face when managing plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, 2 experts describe how pharmacists play a crucial role in treatment.

Public Health Matters Video: The Significance of Language, Cultural Competency in Health Care

Tune into this episode of "Public Health Matters" to learn about the importance of cultural competence when addressing health care disparities and promoting health equity in diverse communities as well as special guest Dr. Jose Cucalon Calderon's advocacy work.

Promoting Heart Health Awareness During American Heart Month

Pharmacists can raise awareness about heart health during American Heart Month

California Passes First-in-Nation Law to Reduce Medication Errors, Address Pharmacy Staffing Concerns

California's Stop Dangerous Pharmacies Act aims to improve patient safety by establishing new pharmacy staffing regulations and a medication error reporting system, arising from understaffed conditions.

Lifesaving Medication Plus Lifestyle Encourages Health in a “Food Plus Pharmacy” Relationship, According to Expert

Nutrition is foundational to health, but healthy eating does not look the same for everyone.

Expert Discusses Quality Standards' Role in the Evolution of Biosimilars and Biologics Landscape

Fouad Atouf, senior vice president of global biologics at US Pharmacopeia, discusses how established quality standards, drawing from the realm of small molecule drugs and evolving to meet the complexities of biologics, play a pivotal role in fostering trust.

USP Expert Discusses Concerns on Biosimilar Safety and Efficacy Through Quality Standards

Fouad Atouf, senior vice president of global biologics at US Pharmacopeia, discusses the importance of robust quality standards in addressing concerns regarding biosimilar safety and efficacy.

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