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Pharmacy Preceptors Play Key Role in Educating Future Pharmacists

Penelope Murphy discusses the role that preceptors play in mentoring students and new pharmacists to help bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world practice.

Pharmacist-Led Research at Mayo Clinic: Advancing Patient Care, Treatment Opportunities

Jodi Taraba, PharmD, MS, BCOP, offers insights on the benefits of involving oncology pharmacists in clinical trial research to advance treatment and care for patients with cancer.

Expert Highlights The Role of Patient Support Programs, AI in Improving Access to Specialty Medications

Expert discusses how patient support programs, patient assistance programs, and artificial intelligence can help address challenges patients face in access to specialty medications.

Expert Discusses Unique Challenges of Distributing Specialty Drugs

Natalie Bedford, senior vice president, US Pharmaceutical Distribution Services at McKesson, discusses the unique challenges of distributing specialty drugs.

Pharmacist Discusses Connecting Patients With Cancer to Clinical Trials at Mayo Clinic

Candy Peskey highlights the necessary role of oncology pharmacists in patient care and enrollment in clinical trials.

Expert Discusses the Impact of Medicare Drug Pricing Reforms on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Access to certain drugs may be limited through tighter formulary controls and utilization management by Medicare Part D plans dealing with higher costs

Mayo Clinic Oncology Pharmacist Discusses Bridging Clinical Research and Pharmacy Practice

Scott Soefje highlights how oncology pharmacists can advance patient-centered care and drive innovation in clinical research.

Mental Health Awareness Month: The Importance of Advocating For Yourself and Others

A clinical pharmacist discusses his work in the mental health space while stressing the importance of advocating for and checking in with one another’s emotional well-being.

Public Health Matters Video: Getting Involved With State Pharmacy Associations, Advocating for Pharmacists, Promoting Professional Development

Tune into this episode of “Public Health Matters” to hear Dr. Kate Gainer’s journey in state pharmacy association and how advocacy and legislative initiatives can benefit pharmacists.

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