Self Care
Self Care
Work/Life Balance: Juggling Children and a Full-Time Job

Balance looks different to everyone. The key is to find what works for you and helps bring peace to your life. Stop reaching for perfection and let go of the guilt. Give yourself that grace.

Pharmacist Moms: Parenting in a Pandemic

I recently had the opportunity to virtually visit with three pharmacist moms about their experiences over the past year—managing their pharmacies, raising children, and dealing with the challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic. Below are highlights of our conversation.

Helping Children Get Healthy

It took a while to find my family-friendly routine because my foods also had to be affordable, have a long shelf life, and be easy to prepare.

The Beginning of My Family’s Journey to Adoption

There are many ways to be a pharmacist mom. You may have biological children, or you may have a marriage that includes welcoming step-children into your life. Each pharmacist mom’s story is unique, and I would like to share the beginning of my family’s journey to adoption.

The Art of Balancing it All

Women in pharmacy can truly do it all.

Let us choose to be kind and support

I am a mother and a pharmacist and I would not change a thing except the culture that I sometimes observed the last 16 years of my pharmacy career and I would like to challenge that thinking and propose a new way of looking at things.

Working in the Margins: Finding the Balance Between Work Life and Home Life

Now as I continue to raise 3 children, manage a pharmacy, consult on the side and build a business, I have TRULY learned what it means to work in the margins. It isn’t about working harder or longer, but smarter.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting During COVID-19

Being an essential healthcare worker while pregnant is difficult. Here is what to expect while you are expecting during COVID-19 pandemic.

What Your Pharmacy Coworkers Need Right Now

Compassion. Patience. Grace. Today taught me that I could give a little more, too.

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