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Prophylactic Treatment Options for Patients With Hemophilia A

Dr Schrade discusses the impact of prophylactic treatment for patients with hemophilia A.

Trajectory of MDS Treatment Landscape

The panel of experts provide their closing thoughts, highlighting unmet needs and treatments on the horizon for MDS.

NCCN Guidelines Directing MDS Treatment Strategies

Drs Mancini and Mahmoudjafari discuss NCCN Guidelines affecting treatment strategies for patients with MDS.

An Overview of Pharmacist Involvement, Management in Treatment With Inclisiran

Luke Gormley, PharmD, BCPS, discusses how pharmacists are involved in the management of inclisiran.

Economic Burden Associated with RRMM

A panel of experts explore burdens facing patients diagnosed with RRMM.

Individualizing Treatment Strategies for Patients with RRMM

Ryan Haumschild, PharmD, MS, MBA, leads a panel surrounding individualized strategies for treating patients with relapse/refractory (RR) MM.

Evolving Treatment Landscape for CLL

Dr Mahmoudjafari highlights the changing treatment landscape for patients with CLL.

Cancer Survivor: ‘I Wish I Could Have Spoken to a Pharmacist,’ Received More Pain Management Support

Sarah McDonald, cancer survivor and author of The Cancer Channel, discusses her experience battling 2 different unrelated cancers and the value oncology pharmacists could have provided with a greater presence on her care team.

Evolving Treatment Landscape in Hemophilia A

Atta Chowdhry, RPh, shares his final thoughts regarding the trajectory of hemophilia treatment strategies.

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