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Clinician and Patient Education on FMT in CDI

Candace Cotto, RN, and Andrew Skinner, MD, discuss barriers to use of FMTs in managing CDI, highlighting clinician and patient education.

Insurance Coverage of FMTs in CDI

Experts comment on insurance coverage as a factor for the broader use of FMTs for the management of CDI.

Pharmacoscopy Platform Creates Automated, Personalized Selection of Treatment Options for Patients With Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma treatment selection is critical due to the potential for developing treatment resistance over time to the currently prescribed drugs.

Phase 2 Trial Results Show Efficacy, Safety for Treatment of Acute Cannabinoid Intoxication in the Emergency Department Setting

With no treatments currently FDA approved, patients arrive at the hospital with no options for treatment beside waiting for the intoxication to pass.

Oncology Pharmacists Connect Meeting Promises Focus on Changing Treatment Paradigms, Implementation Challenges for Pharmacists

Program Chair Ryan Haumschild, PharmD, MS, MBA, discussed what attendees can look forward to at the inaugural Oncology Pharmacists Connect meeting.

Incorporating FMT Treatment Into Clinical Practice

Candace Cotto, RN, reviews the process of incorporating fecal microbiota, live-jslm treatment into clinical practice, what patients can expect, and the room sanitation process after the procedure.

Advances in the CDI Treatment Landscape

Experts discuss new and emerging treatments the management of CDI, highlighting the phase 3 trials for SER 109.

Sublingual Vaccine Shows Efficacy in Preventing Recurrent UTIs, Helping to Eliminate Need for Antibiotics

Women with recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) are often on and off antibiotics for years, and even decades, as the only treatment available in health systems for treating UTIs.

Role of Live-JSLM in Treating Recurrent CDI

Joseph Reilly, BS, PharmD, BCGP, and Andrew Skinner, MD, discuss the potential benefits of using live-jslm early on to treat CDI, as well as the implications of this new treatment.

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