Leadership & Mentoring
Leadership & Mentoring
Job Advice: Establishing Leadership in a Male-Dominated Environment

When it comes to female leadership development, we are making strides, but we aren’t there yet. As you develop your leadership style, learn about what to consider as a women in a male-dominated space.

Leadership “Training:” Out-of-the-Box Ideas from Current Leaders

Not all pharmacists graduate with leadership aspirations. It is, we’ve since realized, part of the job. We need leadership skills with our teams in stores, clinics, hospitals, associations, and academia.

Working together to advance women as leaders in pharmacy

Throughout my 25-year career, I received encouragement and guidance from countless people along the way that empowered me to build my career, and I have the opportunity to thank those people by encouraging the next generation of women to further their careers.

Pharma Leader, Pharmacist Mom talks about her PharmD career path in medical affairs

What I’ve found is that careers in pharmacy offer many options, which is what most women want. Whether it’s retail, hospital staff, clinical-focused, nuclear, academia, or pharmaceutical industry, the options are abundant.

What does 40 years of Pharmacy Advocacy look like? Meet Starlin.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Starlin Haydon-Greatting, MS-MPH, BSPharm, CDM, FAPhA, then hold on to your chair. She’s a leader for Pharmacist Moms. Here’s what she had to say about 40 years of pharmacy advocacy.

#WomenPharmacistDay: Why empowering women is good for the future of pharmacy

In honor of #WomenPharmacistDay celebrated on Oct. 12, Cindy Pigg, Vice President of Managed Care and Business Development for Cardinal Health, talks about why more progress still needs to be made when it comes to women claiming their fair share of leadership positions within the field of pharmacy – especially when it comes to pharmacy ownership.

Find Your Skinny Black Microphone: Advocacy As Pharmacists and Moms

My experience in Springfield made me think of how much advocacy we do DAILY as moms – for our families and ourselves. Phone calls to schools, networking on the playground, and negotiating who gets Mom’s laptop first are just a few examples.

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