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Pharmacy Focus: Policy Edition - Discussing the DRUG Act and PBM Reform

Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx, discusses the DRUG Act legislation and its potential impact on curbing rising drug costs through PBM reform.

Pharmacy Focus: OTC Contraception and Reproductive Health

Cristin Hackel discusses the current state of OTC contraception options, the differences between OTC and prescription methods, and how pharmacists can promote education and awareness.

Pharmacy Focus: Policy Edition - Overview of California's Stop Dangerous Pharmacies Act

Ron Lanton discusses California's Stop Dangerous Pharmacies Act, which aims to address understaffed chain pharmacies and reduce medication errors by implementing new regulations around pharmacy staffing, error reporting, and unsafe working conditions.

Pharmacy Focus: Oncology Edition- Integrating Oncology Pharmacists into Multidisciplinary Care Teams for Improved Patient Outcomes

The podcast discusses how City of Hope Chicago fully integrates oncology pharmacists into care teams by positioning them in clinics, improving communication and collaboration to minimize delays for patients and enhance care delivery.

Public Health Matters: Seacrest Studios’ Impact on Children’s Hospitals and Healing Through Broadcasting

Tune into this episode of “Public Health Matters” for valuable insights into the intersection of entertainment, health care, and child advocacy, highlighting the importance of creating supportive and interactive environments for pediatric patients.

Pharmacy Focus: Limited Series - Celebrity Endorsements in Public Health

Celebrities, local advocates, patients, and pharmacists can effectively promote public health initiatives and raise disease awareness by authentically leveraging trusted relationships.

Pharmacy Focus: Limited Series: Celebrity Endorsements in Ozempic

This podcast episode discussed the impact of celebrity endorsements on trends in weight loss drugs like Ozempic, body image issues, and the role of pharmacists in educating patients on appropriate use of GLP-1 medications for weight management and chronic diseases.

Pharmacy Focus: Limited Series - Celebrity Endorsements in Vaccine Hesitancy

This episode highlights how celebrity endorsements and local influencers can be leveraged to address vaccine hesitancy by shaping attitudes, but also must account for factors like audience trust and the potential for both benefits and limitations.

Pharmacy Focus: Limited Series - Celebrity Endorsements in Pharmaceuticals

The podcast highlights addressing misinformation, the impact of celebrity endorsements in pharmaceuticals, and the important role of pharmacists in educating patients.

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