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Pharmacy Focus: The Role of Pharmacists in Promoting Mental Health Care

Molly McGraw, PharmD, BCPS, manager of clinical pharmacy at UPMC Health Plan and Kim Castelnovo, RPh, Pharmacy Manager at Community Care Behavioral Health Organization, talk about the importance of mental health care for patients.

Public Health Matters: Suicide Prevention and Reducing Mental Health Stigma

Tune into this special episode of “Public Health Matters” to hear Emma White, the founder and president of the nonprofit organization Life Is Worth It, discuss her mental health journey and how she used it to educate adolescents, teenagers, and young adults on mental wellness.

Pharmacy Focus: Oncology Edition- Pharmacists Pivotal Role in Driving Clinical Trial Research

Pharmacists from Mayo Clinic recap some of the latest treatment opportunities to advance patient care in the oncology space.

Public Health Matters: Getting Involved With State Pharmacy Associations, Advocating for Pharmacists, Promoting Professional Development

Tune into this episode of “Public Health Matters” to hear Dr. Kate Gainer’s journey in state pharmacy association and how advocacy and legislative initiatives can benefit pharmacists.

Pharmacy Focus: Community Pharmacy's Role in Social Determinants of Health

On this episode, Amie Stephens, Emilee Kennelly, and Max Baire, discuss social determinants of health and how they can impact patient outcomes and medication adherence.

Pharmacy Focus - Pharmacist-Led Initiatives on C diff Rates

On this month's episode Laura Gillespie, PharmD, discusses her paper “Impact of Pharmacist-Led Initiatives on Health Care–Associated Clostridioides difficile Rates.”

Public Health Matters: Entrepreneurship, MedsPLUS Consulting, and Reaching Marginalized Communities

Tune into this episode of “Public Health Matters” to learn about Dr. Pauline K. Long and her entrepreneurship journey, as well as how she creates meaningful impacts on patients in marginalized communities and within public health.

Pharmacy Focus: Policy Edition - Discussing the DRUG Act and PBM Reform

Greg Baker, CEO of AffirmedRx, discusses the DRUG Act legislation and its potential impact on curbing rising drug costs through PBM reform.

Pharmacy Focus: OTC Contraception and Reproductive Health

Cristin Hackel discusses the current state of OTC contraception options, the differences between OTC and prescription methods, and how pharmacists can promote education and awareness.

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