Pharmacists: Women Leading the Way

In the middle of the twentieth century, women accounted for 15% of pharmacists in the United States. Today, that number is an estimated 65%. Our partners at @FFBank1 share insights into the importance of women in healthcare.

Hope for the Best...Plan for the Worst

You may have already put some plans in place, but have you thought through all the potential “what ifs” and identified possible approaches for handling? Our partners at First Financial Bank put together some ideas on planning and some resources for creating those plans.

Strengthening the Customer Service Training For Your Pharmacy

As an independent pharmacy owner, customer service is what sets your pharmacy apart from your competition more than anything else. Our partners at First Financial Bank put together a list of 4 customer service training ideas that you may want to consider with your pharmacy staff.

Guide to Buying an Independent Pharmacy

Whether buying your first business or tenth, acquiring an independent pharmacy presents unique challenges. Similar to any retail business, you’ll be performing your due diligence evaluating [...]

Owning an Independent is Possible from First Financial Bank

Interested in opening up an independent pharmacy but not sure about financing options? Suzy Soliman, Founder of Pharmacist Moms, sat down with Drew Hegi of First Financial Bank, to discuss Pharmacy Ownership Opportunities.

Networking and grit help Missouri female-owned pharmacy expand

Here, Melody – owner of Alps Pharmacy, Alps Specialty Pharmacy and Alps Long Term Care Pharmacy, all in in Springfield, Missouri – shares key insights into her journey as a pharmacy business owner.

Pharmacy Ownership: Today and Tomorrow?

A large number of pharmacists never put much thought into their succession plan. Most of them run their pharmacy on a day-to-day, year-to-year basis. This is fine, but not thinking about your exit strategy can lead to a lot of frustration and headaches down the road.

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