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Work/Life Balance: Juggling Children and a Full-Time Job

Balance looks different to everyone. The key is to find what works for you and helps bring peace to your life. Stop reaching for perfection and let go of the guilt. Give yourself that grace.

Women Pharmacists Day: The Evolution of Women’s Role in US Pharmacy Practice

Although October has long been celebrated as National Pharmacy Month, it is only in recent years that female pharmacists have been celebrated for their contributions to the profession and patient care.

Pharmacist Moms: Parenting in a Pandemic

I recently had the opportunity to virtually visit with three pharmacist moms about their experiences over the past year—managing their pharmacies, raising children, and dealing with the challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic. Below are highlights of our conversation.

Pharmacy Management: Attracting and Retaining Employees

As the job market heats up and becomes increasingly competitive for employers trying to attract top talent, it’s just as critical to keep your current excellent employees.

Expanding Operations with A Second Pharmacy Location

It can be incredibly gratifying to open your first independent pharmacy and finally see your hard work being rewarded. As you start to hit certain milestones and levels of success, it’s only natural for an entrepreneur to begin thinking about a second location or beyond.

Meet Aimee O’Reilly: Pharmacy grad to pharmacy owner in five years flat

In anticipation of Women Pharmacist Day on October 12, we’re excited to highlight female pharmacists who have realized their dream of pharmacy ownership. In our first profile, meet Aimee O’Reilly, owner of O’Reilly Family Pharmacy in Worthington, Ohio!

Leadership “Training:” Out-of-the-Box Ideas from Current Leaders

Not all pharmacists graduate with leadership aspirations. It is, we’ve since realized, part of the job. We need leadership skills with our teams in stores, clinics, hospitals, associations, and academia.

Being asked about brain health supplements? Don’t Forget: Brain Health is About More than Memory

In only its second year on the market, Neuriva ranked the second most frequently recommended product in the memory category. But while important and often top of mind, memory is just one aspect of overall brain health.

Wellness: Developing a Routine With Self Care

It’s important to practice self-care and there are easy ways to do it. It might mean re-prioritizing and letting go, but the long-term benefits are there. Here are some easy ideas to help with developing a routine that includes self-care.

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