How to Reframe Your Thoughts on Your Transformation Journey

Beth Thomas, PharmD talks about how you can reframe your thoughts on your transformation journey

By: Beth Thomas

It's important to remember that what you tell yourself helps determine how successful you are on your weight loss transformation journey.

Here's the thing: So many pharmacists struggle with self-criticism and perfectionism. One "bad" day or one "bad" meal and you convince yourself that you've failed.

Before you know it, 2 extra pounds have turned to 5, then to 10, then to 15. Then you're even further away from your goals than you could have ever imagined.

Start changing these negative patterns by reframing your thoughts.

Here's how to reframe:

You've had a stressful day at work, but you've been doing well all week with making healthier choices because you are tired of the yo-yo dieting and the ups and downs of your weight.

You are determined to get the weight off this time. However, you're exhausted and frustrated today. You don't feel like caring about what you eat, and you're craving pizza.

So, you decide to get it, but, unfortunately, after you eat the pizza, negative thoughts start.

First negative thoughts:

  • I can't believe I did this.
  • I'm falling off again.
  • Why do I do this to myself?
  • I might as well give up.
  • There's no point.
  • I'm so tired of stressing all the time about what I eat.
  • I'm never going to be able to lose this weight!

The reframe:

  • Yes, I ate this, and I could have made a better choice. However, I could have also made a worse choice.
  • This meal is done and that craving is out of my system. That's good.
  • Now I can move on. It's done!
  • I'm not "falling off" again because, right now, I'm choosing to reframe my thoughts differently than what I usually do when I overeat or make less-than-healthy food choices.
  • Tomorrow is a new day, and one meal will not make or break me, so I'm not going to stress about this!
  • I know that being stressed and anxious over what I've eaten will increase my chances of making more not-so-great food choices and gaining weight, so I'm not going to do that!
  • I am progressing my weight loss journey because I'm thinking differently and taking different actions than I've done in the past!

Reframing is a skill that takes practice, just like with anything else. Be encouraged! You can start killing the self-destructive thoughts that arise on your transformation journey!

*Nothing in the preceding article should be construed as medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider for individual recommendations. *

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