The Four Game Changers You Need to Know for Permanent Weight Loss Transformation

Coach Beth Thomas discusses her best nutritional advice and tips for permanent weight loss transformation

By: Beth Thomas

As a nutritionist and weight loss expert, I often get the following questions at this time of


● What’s the best diet for weight loss?

● What do I need to eat for weight loss?

● Where do I start?

Here’s a pro tip from a nutritionist and weight loss expert: Start with the nutrition foundation first and then work on fine-tuning other things, based on your specific situation and any complicating issues.

Generally speaking, there are certain principles that will always hold true for weight loss,


● Water intake matters, and water is going to be a better beverage choice than

sugary drinks.

● The quality of your food matters, and whole foods as close to nature as possible

are going to be better choices than products with multiple artificial ingredients.

Filling your plate with premium fuel for your brain and body is key for dropping

the pounds and keeping them off forever.

● The quantity of food you eat is important. Listening to your body and being mindful of portion sizes and not overstuffing yourself to the point of discomfort or sickness are essential.

● Sodium intake can affect your waistline, and high-sodium foods full of processed

junk are not great choices for weight loss.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the 4 basic nutrition game changers nailed down.

In trying to do “all the things”, making yourself stick to a workout routine, or trying to

figure out if keto or intermittent fasting is better, there are often some foundational things

that you’re missing.

Missing the foundational principles will most certainly hold you back from achieving

permanent weight loss transformation, meaning you may initially lose weight, but the chances of you keeping it off forever are slim.

My recommendation is to get a solid grasp on the 4 nutrition game changers before trying to do anything else.

Practicing consistent eating habits over time is what leads to permanent weight loss transformation.

You can have the weight loss surgery, and without nailing down the nutrition habits, you can regain the weight (plus more).

You can exercise every day, but without putting the nutrition habits in place, you will not get the lasting results that you want.

So, how do you begin tackling those nutrition game changers?

ONE at a time! This does not have to be overwhelming.

You can start with ONE simple step and celebrate a WIN this week!

Pick one area (water intake, quality of food, quantity of food, or sodium intake) and commit to ONE action you can take in that area to help your weight loss journey.

Some examples:

Water intake (which is where I like to start with my clients)- This week, I commit to replacing one soda with an 8 oz. glass of water each day.


Quality of food- This week, I commit to eating at least one vegetable per day.


Quantity of food- This week, I commit to taking a 10 to 15 minute pause to check in with

myself before I eat a second helping at dinner each night.


Sodium intake- This week, I commit to checking the sodium content on the food label for at least one of my favorite snacks.

Dr. Beth would love to connect with you on Instagram @bmtcoaching or via email at [email protected]! Send her a DM on Instagram with the word PHARMACIST to introduce yourself and share your biggest takeaways from this blog post.

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