The Medical Device Industry: A frontier for pharmacists that Regina is taking head-on


What is your current role?  I am a Consultant at BD in their UXD department within the Medication Management Division (MMS) focusing on Human Factors Engineering.

Where did you go to school and what was your background/training? I received my PharmD from the University of the Sciences (USP) and my MBA from Northeastern University (NEU). I also received a certificate in Nuclear Pharmacy at Purdue University.

What are some of the important skills that someone in your role must possess? Being able to pull from my knowledge base in Medical Affairs,   Regulatory and Informatics has proven beneficial in my current role.

What are some of the biggest initiative(s) that you are working on? I’m working on Human Factors work for MDR, 510K, MDSAP.

What are 3 predictions you have for the pharmaceutical industry in the next 10 years? The pharmaceutical world is evolving and I believe that in 10 years personalized medicine will be the norm, Device/EMR integration will be more seamless and there will better data management solutions that will result in better patient outcomes.

What has been one of the bigger setbacks in your career, and what lessons did you learn from that? One of my biggest setbacks has been not being able to make that leap from middle-management to senior management in Pharma despite my interest in leading, my experience and education. I learned that I had to look inward and work on certain areas in order to be catapulted into a senior leadership position. Also, being a mom I realize the importance of work-life balance.

Tell us about some of the biggest successes in your career and why are you most proud of them? I’m proud to have launched Clinicians Touch Healthcare Solutions. I’m most proud of this because I’ve always wanted to be an Independent Business Owner, and being able to offer services in the areas that I’m so passionate about,  is a reward in itself. I’ve based Clinicians Touch on the 3 Tiers of my expertise:  Clinical Informatics, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs. To me, these disciplines intersect a lot and will continue to do so as we move to the next generation of patient care.

What is some advice that you would tell your younger self or other pharmacists starting their careers? I would tell my younger self and others to keep an open mind, listen to those who may be trying to mentor you and give back through volunteerism.

What does being a woman in pharmacy mean to you? Being a woman, and a woman of color brings a perspective that can help to inform the science of pharmacy and patient care in ways that are not maybe traditionally thought of. This is extremely important, nonetheless given that we now compete in the global emerging markets where women and people of color play a great part.

What is your favorite quote? Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail- Ralph Waldo Emerson

How has becoming a BCMAS impacted your career? I only recently became Certified in Medical Affairs and so far, it has solidified my knowledge in Medical Affairs. I think it also adds to my credibility and I market myself as a subject matter expert in this area. I am looking forward to what the future holds as a Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist.