Why in the World Would a Pharmacist Join a MLM Company?

Why in the World Would a Pharmacist Join a MLM Company? 

By Jessica Jones

I have been asked often by colleagues why I decided to join a Multilevel Marketing Company (MLM) after earning a doctorate in pharmacy. To many of my pharmacy friends, it seems silly knowing how hard we have worked and how many hours we gave up by studying for so many years to become a pharmacist. I was actually one of the ones that thought it was silly before I realized how smart of a business plan MLM really is.


I remember rolling my eyes and thinking I was too good to join a MLM business as my friend was telling me about how it had changed her life. To be honest, I thought MLM was a “bad word” associated with a pyramid scheme. That was such a crazy assumption, and I was uneducated at the time on just how MLM works and how smart it is if you want to make an extra stream of income or BIG money!


I decided to look into it because I never turn down any opportunity without knowing what I’m saying no to. We are pharmacist, we like to do our research, right? I also read an article on the tax write offs you have if filing a 1099 compared to a W2! Have you ever looked at how many deductions you can take from having your own business? It’s pretty fantastic! I do not have enough time to write about it here, but you HAVE to look it up! After my extensive research, I decided to join the MLM business my friend had been so excited about!! Initially, it was for the extensive tax write offs and a discount on the products that I already absolutely loved! I soon realized that others loved the products too, and so my little side business started to grow.


I had no intention to stop working as a full-time pharmacist. I LOVE being a pharmacist! My intentions were to make an extra stream of income to pay off student loans early, go on more vacations, buy a bigger and safer car and start a college fund for my twins. That sounds like a pretty good goal, right?


However, just a couple of weeks after joining the business, I found out the pharmacy I was working for full time was going to close down and I would need to look for another job.  At that time, I had already received my very first 2 paychecks from my new MLM business and paid my mortgage payment with that! I was surprised to say the least! With that in mind, I decided to stay home and only work 2 days a week (12 hours total) as a Consulting MTM Pharmacist and work my new MLM business the rest of the time around my 2-year-old twins.



Our life looks so much different from when I began my journey! I have been home with my babies for over a year now and I am so very grateful! I am grateful that I stopped rolling my eyes and thinking I was too good for this incredibly smart business which opened up so many more opportunities for me.

I decided to write on this subject because I know so many others that think the same way I did before and could definitely benefit from the extra paycheck each month. If you want an extra stream of income to pay off student loans early, go on more vacations, buy a car, pay for soccer lessons, dance lessons or daycare, then don’t roll your eyes like I did and open your mind. 🙂 It really is a smart business decision!